Frequently asked questions

How are these made?

Sentia is made through a unique, proprietary series of production methods that preserve the plants’ functional compounds and nutrients, giving you more of what the plants have to offer.

Why 'Sentia'?

A word of latin origin made popular during the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment period (17th century), 'Sentia' refers to an awareness of one’s own sentience and the potent sensations that result. It is the source of today’s ‘sensation’, ‘sensual’ and ‘sentient’.

What makes Sentia effective?

Sentia is crafted by The Social Drinks Company with propriatory 'Botanical Tech' from its partners at GABA Labs: These Active Botanical Ingredients (ABI®) are pure plants, used for millenia by Herbalists and Plant Crafters for many varied purposes.

How is this a ‘Spirit’ if it doesn’t contain alcohol?

Monks who first performed distillation believed that through the vapour given off, they were extracting and collecting the ‘spirits’ of the plants. We know now that distillation destroys much of the biological integrity of the plants. Sentia Spirits contain an abundance of the innate, functional aspects of the botanicals, which we believe those ancients monks would agree, are the true ‘spirit’ of the plants.

Can plants change the way I feel?

Every plant holds inherent properties with specific purposes. Humans have sought to understand these properties for millenia and harness their effects in very specific ways.

What occasions work best for Sentia Spirits?

We recommend drinking Sentia whenever you want to make the transition into a more relaxed, sociable vibe.

Can I mix Sentia with alcohol?

We think alcohol and Sentia taste great together! Mixologists have been experimenting and have created some amazing serves.

Can I drink these before I go to sleep?

Sentia can be consumed before bed and regularly is by many (particularly when going to bed means something other than sleep!). People report having more vivid dream time too.

Is this habit forming?

All Sentia ingredients are generally classified as safe, but we would recommend caution and to seek support where necessary.

Is it safe to drive after consuming Sentia?

Sentia is made from ingredients approved for consumption, though please be conscious of any affects you’re experiencing and act responsibly as a result.

Who can drink Sentia?

Some people who regularly drink and have nights off, others that never have and never will drink and then those that did but no longer do. If you are on medication, breast feeding or pregnant, please consult with your healthcare practitioner before drinking Sentia. Although this isn’t a legal restriction, we don’t recommend our drinks for under 18s.

Does Sentia contain sugar?

Absolutely no refined sugar. We use a little agave and fruit concentrates. These healthier, high quality, minimally processed 'sources of sweet' and only a fraction of the calories in an alcoholic spirit.

How many calories in a serving?

Only 20 calories per 25ml measure.

Does Sentia contain allergens?

No, none of the 14 main allergens are in Sentia.

Does Sentia contain caffeine?

Zero caffeine.

Why are there preservatives in it?

The extremely low amount is completely safe and needed because Sentia contain a lot of organic herbs.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, our packaging is eco and recyclable. Sustainability is very important to us, so we re-use materials as much as we can.

Is there a limit to how much I should drink?

Some of its ingredients require Sentia to be classified as a Food Supplement and these ingredients have a recommended daily intake (RDA). Considering this, we recommend the average adult consumes no more than around 200ml in a single 24 hour period.